lisbeth sabol

collector testimonials

Dear Lisbeth, I lost my sister in December and my mother in September and I felt that something was missing to represent these lives.  I certainly did not set out to purchase anything when visiting the gallery last week. I found myself so drawn to the Arching Nude sculpture that I just had to purchase her.  I believe that the sculpture truly represented what was missing to represent these two strong female lives. Thank you.

 - Trudie D. - a collector in New Zealand


I just want to tell you the magical time we had opening your beautiful Joy - she is beautiful. We have it standing up on a shelf. If we just turn it around a little bit, her whole aspect changes. She is wonderful to look at.

 - Mabel T. a collector in Hawaii



Joy arrived here in beautiful condition.  Liz she is very good.  We both love the addition of the piece to our collection and hope to establish a flying display in our home after we remodel.

  -John and Nikki G.  collectors in Rhode Island


Lis --- you are great!    - Bertram C. a collector in Annapolis, MD


My Joy is in my bedroom and I see her all the time. She is hung from the ceiling and looks as if shes flying free.

 - Sally H. a collector in England


Cher Lisbeth, I like the works  Dancing Barefoot  is a step further.  She embodies joy, a wonderful sense of abandonment and is light on her feet,  I really like the patina also, well done! 

- Cam C. a New Zealand collector


My lovely bronze Horse - your beautiful creation - has been moved to my living room. He is much more prominent there and has excited a number of comments. I have never regretted that extravagant Christmas gift to myself last year... he will go wherever I live from now on! Your recent award is evidence that the creative juices are still flowing BEAUTIFULLY.

 - Beryl S. a collector from England



I am glad you feel heartened in my most genuine and heart-felt appreciation of Joy. In 500 years', a thousand years' time, your Joy and other bronze or carved pieces will speak to hearts and minds, just as the great works of the past speak across hundreds of years as freshly as the day they left the foundry.  To create art in stone or bronze is, I feel, a most precious legacy to future generations and such a worth-while expenditure of human energy for those who have gifts such as yours. I hope you are inviting inspiration as you read, for the next beauty that will spring from your mind, then hands.  

I remember lightly touching one of your stone forms in the exhibition and my amazement at the incredible perfection of the smooth finish you had achieved.  I'll not forget that cool sensation to my touch and the fullness of feeling in the mind that human hands driven by the artist's vision, had made that work live and exist.  

For the viewer of the created work, there is that sense of pleasing form, the emotion it conveys or inspires, and often awe at the sheer human skill which made the work live. Thank you for your gifts and labour to give birth to such.

  - Cleone D. a collector in New Zealand



Our American Bison is enjoying its sojourn in the New Forest and has been much admired by many visitors to our house. 

-Robert F. a collector in England



I had a lovely exciting parcel arrive today too, the really beautiful statue Joy. It is a really exquisite little figure, full of life and grace, and I shall look for a special place to put her to show her off and enjoy her. I shall treasure her.  

- Saffron B. a collector in England